hi everyone ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ today’s video is an attack on titan inspired halloween makeup tutorial! the idea behind this was to incorporate exposed muscle into a makeup look that didn’t look scary, but would be more aesthetic and beautiful. doing this was INCREDIBLY challenging…what do you think?

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i’ve received a few requests in the past to do an anime makeup tutorial, or something inspired by attack on titan, so here is what i created. the concept was all about incorporating something ugly or grotesque into a more aesthetic makeup look. this was very challenging as i had to figure out how exactly to blend in these elements seamlessly into a shironuri makeup design.

i’m quite happy with the results though, which doesn’t happen very often.

of course, if you have any more halloween makeup suggestions, please let me know!

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music by adrian von ziegler

ceremonial spell: https://youtu.be/sVxZtmJ_rNg
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  1. The look doesnt have the AOT essence, But the Look is so stunning and awesome by itself o.o

  2. I find it really interesting how you drew all that detail around your nose. Most people are always trying to minimize their nose or “perfect” it, but you made it just as decorative as the eyes or lips.

  3. It’s gorgous – so soft and still so intense – love it!

  4. I clicked on this video so quick

  5. no offense, I love the makeup look itself and it’s incredible creative (kudos) but I don’t really understand why you went for this? there’s nothing magical about titans… tbh it made me feel as though you haven’t watched shingeki no kyojin at all… I wish you would have gone with something that is actually reminiscent of titans and would be suitable for a Halloween look. this might have been a challenge for you but nonetheless I feel like you stayed in your comfort zone and didn’t push yourself enough. this look isn’t scary and I could never wear this for Halloween. No one would recognize what I would be going for. they would probably think I want to go for magical fairy and isn’t that your usual concept?
    just my thoughts tho

  6. so. frikin. PRETTY.

  7. omgosh! beautiful!

  8. YES GLORIOUS I LOVE ATTACK ON TITAN AN I’M SO GLAD YOU DID A LOOK FROM IT. I didn’t even think of suggesting an anime, I recently drew the colossal titan so this was really cool to see. Also although it doesn’t look a whole lot like the show I see what you were going for by making it aesthetic and pretty rather than “scary” like the show, over all I love what you did.

  9. I love the soft effects you make with powder shadows. So lovely. ❤️

  10. i wish that she would talk a little bit louder cause i cant hear anything

  11. Stunning!! Love your talent

  12. So beautiful.

  13. omg we have the same elf ear headphones!! 😀 <3

  14. This looks amazing and I love how you got this inspiration from attack on titan.

  15. Captivating, love it <3

  16. This is so pretty- I can’t NOT WATCH AOT. It scares THE SHIT of out of me!

  17. “More dots!” ;P

  18. Amazing

  19. I love blobs. Yes. Blobs.☺☺☺☺

  20. Halloween is the perfect time for something Inspired by the bjd artist Elfgutz