Talking about World Cosplay Summit just happened this Aug XD





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  1. hey miya is there a way we can download your model for mikumikudance?

  2. Congratulations for your 1000 subscribers!

    Also I wonder whether there will be people cosplaying as you someday?

  3. Yaaaaay 1k subscribeerssss

  4. 5:50 I think you meant “WCS” instead of “WSC”
    Sorry to correct you but you make me want to tease you a little [=
    Thanks for the video!

  5. These videos have definitely made me smile, which is why I’m always looking forward to watching them. I hope this channel thrives so that more people can smile too. HANJO HANJO!
    What type of cosplay would you like to try and wear, Miya? Something very cute, or perhaps elegant and detailed, or maybe even something with a certain theme like cyber or horror?

  6. Good Job! Hanjo! Hanjo!

  7. If i had the materials and such, i’d like to cosplay. It must be fun going to these conventions.

  8. There’s also comic books, video games and nerdy shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock. And I alter character’s clothes for special events for example I altered Joker’s coat from Persona 5 with autism puzzle pieces fabric because I have autism and the other universe of Persona is how my mind works because it sees something different so it’s cool cosplay characters if you’re doing for awareness or a special event because you wanted to. And that’s my goal too to make people happy by being my goofy self

  9. Hanjo! Hanjo!